embodiments of software invention

Software exists in a medium (fixed medium like HDD or portable medium like CD), a IC chip, or the like.
Therefore, some patterns of embodiments are needed for getting a strong patent.


Percentage of granting a patent to a software invention is lower than the average of all inventions.

not patentable

Is not patentable a program simply transformed from manual procedures by a human.

programs in embeded systems

Someone wants to prohibit granting a patent of a software invention.
How about programs used in embeded systems ?

It is difficult to distinguish such programs and software ?

source code must be attached ?

It is not required to attach a source code of program onto a patent application.

patentable software

In Japan, patentable software inventions are ones for controlling a device, and ones that have to use a hardware resource such as a memory device.

JPO official fees

Official fees of JPO

(1) filing an application ... 16,000 JPYen,

(2) Request for examination ... 168,600 + (Number of Claims x 4000) JPYen,

(3) Annuity ... 2,300 + (Number of Claims x 200) JPYen per year.

script language

Is there difference between source code or object code of programs and programs in script languages like php, perl, etc. ??

should be checked...